COOLSH.IT: Was Michael Jackson framed in order to make the movie 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights'? ]

Crazy piece I wrote about Michael Jackson. I found this huge thread on reddit about the possibility of MJ being framed for his money. It doesn’t sound too far off, but it stirred up some discussion from a few people.

Here’s a MJ track I remixed too:



I was cruising around reddit the other day, and came across a thread about the 30th anniversary of Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk for the first time. There were all the same jokes you can imagine about Michael, but then I came across one man’s theory about communication networks and…

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Computer Chronicles - The Internet (1995) 

Awesome video of the web in 1995. I remember being on AOL 2.5 around that time, and would spend hours connecting with people from all over the world.

Whether or not they were actually “in Sweden” or “a woman” was another thing. Sure, I was 9 years old, but the Internet changed everything. It was an outlet for me, and I’m so happy it exists for me to play in. 

Thank you Vint Cerf / Tim Berners Lee and anyone else involved with creating the Internet we now use.


COOLSH.IT: COOLSH.IT Radio ep. 1 | BDSM and the Master / Slave Couple ]

This is an interview I conducted, edited and curated. I also made a bunch of the music on it, but not all of it. 

I used a Yeti Blue microphone, Skype, Garageband, and Audio HiJack Pro. 

I met the interview subjects through reddit’s IAMA section. 


Here it is, the first episode of COOLSH.IT RADIO. I talked with Melanie and Alan, a polyamorous couple from Florida who are in a 24/7 Master/Slave relationship.

I wanted to know what that meant, and what it entails. I thought slavery was illegal, and wanted to know if that’s what they…

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COOLSH.IT: How One N64 Hacker Found the Goldeneye 64 Cheat Codes ]

I found the Goldeneye 64 hacker! Cool story on how he found the cheat codes. 



I always sucked at Goldeneye 64. One of my friends killed me 66 times in a row, and he just laughed maniacally as I waited for my Mom to pick me up and go home. Little did I know, there was a community of Nintendo 64 Hackers, looking for cheat codes. I mean it makes sense: whenever some sort…

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